As we mark nearly a year to the day we had to close our doors for the first 2020 lockdown, we’d like to share the remarkable work of our amazing Trainer Sim Sheridan, and awesome member/acro pal Ailsa Wild…

When Covid-19 began to spread across the world in 2020, Sim Sheridan volunteered to retrain to work in Melbourne’s intensive care units. As she prepared to go back to ICU and case numbers began climbing, Sim started talking to her friend Ailsa.

Through the exhaustion, the confusion, the many tears and the surprising moments of hilarity, Sim kept talking. And Ailsa started writing.

It resulted in the incredible book ‘The Care Factor’ which you can find HERE.

You can also hear Sim chat about her experience and her incredible friendship and collaboration with Ailsa in this interview.

From all of us at Women’s Circus we send our warmest congratulations to Sim and Ailsa on such an incredible achievement. We are SO proud of you!