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Support Women's Circus

Social circus changes lives. It transforms hierarchies, transcends language barriers and strengthens communities against erasure and exclusion. 

Across our community and beyond, generous donors believe in our mission of empowerment, access and inclusion for those of a marginalised gender. Private giving is a crucial part of our financial security, and our wonderful supporters make their gift, be it annually, monthly or once off, because they want to join us in our vital work.


By supporting Women’s Circus, you’re actively joining us to uplift and empower people of a marginalised gender.

Social circus is uniquely placed to build self confidence and reclaim your body. It brings people together, allowing them to access creativity and physicality in a safe space. Heartfelt accounts from our members reflect the transformative power of circus arts in fostering personal growth, community connection and joyous self expression.

Women’s Circus would not be able to deliver our impactful programs with out the support of donors. With your support, we can continue our creative and social circus programs and make positive, lasting changes to our community.


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