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Circus Classes

What circus classes do we offer?

Our classes are curated for a wide range of ages and skill levels – acro, aerials, conditioning, kids and teen classes, older people and a whole lot more.


"I'm so grateful to Women's Circus. It's the highlight of my week, and because of this space I've grown to own my confidence and strength."
Current training member
"Thank you Women's Circus for being a welcoming place to come back to to exercise, move, and build strength without triggering my eating disorder."
Current training member
My daughter has been doing classes at Women's Circus for seven years. She's not particularly athletic or talented, but the strength and physical confidence she has gained due to the mutually supportive and non-judgemental environment created by the instructors has been invaluable. We are grateful for the focus on helping kids improve, the lack of assessments or levels to achieve, and the term based program. This is a valuable contrast to the profit focused world of kids activities in general."
Child age bracket 6-11
“I was blown away by the atmosphere. I had never, as an adult, had such an opportunity or encouragement to play, to be physical with strangers, or to take pride in the strength of my body rather than its size.”
Training member

Class Spotlights

New Crew
A unique 6 month intro circus course
Join us for New Crew, a Women's Circus signature course teaching you all the circus foundations. Weekly classes over 6 months, you'll get to know your fellow classmates and start your circus journey in a safe and supported environment.
POW - Performing older women
Circus classes for people over 40
If you're over 40 and are looking for a fun way to keep active and meet people, POW is for you! Weekly circus classes designed to support older people to grow physical confidence and community connection.
Circus Mixtape
Specifically for trans and gender diverse folks
Circus Mixtape is a general circus class for trans and gender diverse folks only, facilitated by our long term trainer and social circus expert Sal Francis. This class is for trans and gender diverse people who would prefer a dedicated space to learn and train circus in.

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