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Circus Mixtape

For trans and gender diverse folks

Circus Mixtape is a general circus class for trans and gender diverse folks only, facilitated by our long term trainer and social circus expert, Sal Frances. This class is a dedicated space for trans and gender diverse people, and provides an environment of safety and inclusivity for participants to explore and learn circus.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who belongs to a marginalised gender can access our training programs and membership for free. To enrol contact us.

Women’s Circus welcomes anyone to our organisation who belongs to a marginalised gender. View our Gender Inclusion Policy for more information.

If you missed out on a class this term, you can add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll contact you if a spot opens up, or when the next term is available to enrol in.  To add yourself to a class waitlist:
  • Go to Mind Body
  • Scroll down to find the class you want
  • Click on ‘Sign Up Now’
  • Log in to your account and then click ‘Add to waitlist’

To enrol in Circus Mixtape you must become a Women’s Circus member. Membership is valid for 365 days and has a great range of benefits including access to exclusive tickets and creative opportunities.

Want to get a taste of circus before signing up? Check out our upcoming Holiday Programs, Come and Try Days and Test Drives on the Short Circus Courses page.

For trans and gender diverse folks only

Circus Mixtape provides a dedicated space for those who prefer a trans and gender diverse only class to train circus in. There may be other Women’s Circus members of a marginalised gender using the space at the same time. 

Heavily subsidised

Circus Mixtape is a subsidised class to reduce barriers to attending. 

All sorts circus class

Learn handbalancing, tumbling, manipulation, aerials and more! 

“What pronoun do you use?

The question is asked so brightly, so innocently, that I feel dis-orientated. It’s 2021, and I am a new member of the Women’s Circus, a Footcray feminist institution. I applied to join, dry-mouthed with anxiety, and have been immediately accepted into a community of cis women, trans men and serene androgynes who will accept ‘They, Them, He or She’. It’s not a cisterhood, but it’s very much a sisterhood.”

– An excerpt from Memento Moratorium by Women’s Circus Member Jack Nicholls, published in Nothing to Hide: Voices of Trans and Gender Diverse Australians (2022). 

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