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To help us champion equity & inclusion

Women's Circus is more than just a business or model for social change.

It is a deeply interconnected and cohesive creative community. For over 30 years we have created an inclusive space for those of a marginalised gender to connect, to develop self-confidence and ultimately find a community that positively transforms their lives.

Equity, inclusivity and accessibility is at the heart of all we do at the Women’s Circus.

We are looking for support for our targeted initiatives and to broaden the services we provide.

To continue to strengthen this work we need your help.

Your donation will help provide:

  • Free membership and classes for First Nation Peoples.
  • Low-cost places for trans and gender diverse individuals into our Circus Mixtape class (a closed class for trans and gender diverse participants).
  • The ability to offer a new low-cost class for our Deaf and Disabled community.
  • Support to reduce barriers for care-givers who both work with the Women’s Circus and train at the women’s circus by providing occasional on-site childcare.
  • A wide range of support and services to ensure everyone who interacts with the Women’s Circus can engage fully with our programs. Including services such as support workers, travel assistance and interpreters for our creative practitioners and members.

Despite the challenges of the past 12 months, Women’s Circus has achieved remarkable things: 

  • Formed an inclusive ensemble, whose first work will premiere at Alter State Festival, a major arts and disability festival in September 2022 at the Art Centre Melbourne.

  • Strengthened our commitment to our Trans and Gender Diverse community members, through a Trans and Gender Diverse advisory group resulting in an update of our Gender Inclusion Policy.

  • Supported our First Nations Peoples and Trans and Gender Diverse community by providing full and heavily subsidised classes and membership.

  • Supported diverse independent circus and theatre artists, and Australia’s only First Nations led circus company, Na Djinang Circus, through subsidised access and in-kind support.

  • Supported the mental and social wellbeing of individuals during numerous lockdowns through free online classes and creative workshops.

  • In 2021 we employed 23 people and paid 32 creative practitioners providing them with work and financial stability across a difficult year.

  • Women’s Circus continues to lead the Australian performing arts industry in championing gender equity, inclusivity, diversity and accessibility.

Mahla Bird, Creatrix Tiara and Mel Smith in creative development for Momentum

The accessibility of the Women’s Circus facilities and the expert support and ingenuity of the trainer enables me to take more risks and forge new connections between my body and brain.

– Mel Smith, Inclusive Ensemble Member


Image left to right: Mahla Bird, Creatrix Tiara and Mel Smith rehearsing during creative development for the Inclusive Ensemble (credit Marie Watt). 





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