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Want to work circus into your busy life? Have an ever changing schedule? Feel a bit shy about interactive classes? This video series is just for you!



Take things at your own pace and learn a wide and wonderful range of skills. From circus classics like juggling and hooping, to strength and conditioning, rigging and knots, and so much more.


This video series is open to all genders. Get amongst the Women’s Circus action today!


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To access the digital library as a non-member of Women’s Circus:


      1. You will first need to make a Mindbody account.
      2. Once you have created and logged in to your account, click on the ‘online store’ table in the upper right corner. Select the level of On Demand Video subscription that you’d like to purchase and follow the steps to check out.
      3. Once you have purchased a subscription, click on the ‘On Demand Video’ tab at the top of the page and you will be able to access all videos in our library!


If you’re brand new to us, or have questions head to our F&Q’s section, or get in touch.

Psst…Women’s Circus members – you have FREE access to these videos as part of your membership benefits!



To access these videos as a member:


      1. Login to your Mindbody account
      2. Then head to the ‘online store’ table in the upper right corner. Select ‘On Demand Video 3 Month Subscription MEMBERS’ and check out (it will be $0).
      3. Once you have ‘purchased’ a subscription, click on the ‘On Demand Video’ tab at the top of the page and you will be able to access all the videos!

Want to become a member and get the full range of benefits including access to Live-stream Classes and members only events? Join us today! Membership starts from as little as $25/year. Find out more HERE


*Women’s Circus welcomes anyone to our membership who identifies as a woman, or identifies as trans or non-binary. 


All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, trans and non binary people can access our On Demand Videos, Live-stream Classes, Training Program and Membership free of charge. To discuss your enrolment please contact our Training Manager on training@womenscircus.org.au.

Do you work with women, trans and non binary people experiencing disadvantage? Having trouble accessing creative programs and opportunities during Covid-19 due to financial barriers? You may be eligible to access these videos to share with your clients for free! Contact us today to find out more.

On Demand Video F&Q’s

Why online and not in person? Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we are finding new ways to stay connected and keep training. Women’s Circus has community connection at its core and we know many are missing ways to play, as well as maintain their circus training regimes.


What is the difference between ‘Live Stream Classes’ and ‘On Demand Videos’ ? Live Stream Classes are interactive, run by a schedule and are only open to current Women’s Circus members. On Demand Videos can be accessed at any time of day, watched multiple times (great for building up skills on your own time), are available to all genders and don’t require membership. Either way you will build up your circus skills! Many people pair the Live stream classes with On Demand Videos between classes in between classes.


Do I need to be a member to access the ‘On Demand Videos’? No you don’t. These videos are for everyone! However, members note: your membership gives you access to these videos as part of your member benefits.


Are On Demand Videos only for people who identify as women, trans and non-binary? No! Unlike our Live Stream Classes and in person training program all genders can access these classes.


What online programs or applications do I need to access On Demand Videos? You will need to be able to stream video (via youtube).


What devices should I use? You can use a desktop/laptop computer, iPad, or smartphone. We recommend where possible using a computer as the screen will be bigger and easier for you to see your trainers instructions.


How much space do I need? You will need approximately the space to roll out a yoga mat and be able to lay down with your arms stretched above your head. You will also need enough space to stand with your arms stretched above your head and out to your sides.


Have feedback? On Demand Videos are a whole new world for us. If you have issues, questions or want to let us what you loved and want more of be in touch!

This project was supported by Maribyrnong City Council.