About Us

Our Herstory & Philosophy

Women’s Circus is a not for profit arts organisation offering a year round circus and performance training program and producing socially engaged arts projects.

We work with individuals and communities and foster collaborations between community participants and professional artists.

Our training and creative programs celebrate the physical and imaginative potential of the human body and nurture self-awareness and self-esteem.

Women’s Circus is a feminist organisation dedicated to individual well-being of women, trans and non-binary people and connectedness within and across their communities.

We Value: Empathy and Imagination; Risk, Inclusion, Excellence and InnovationThese values and beliefs help define all aspects of our organisational and artistic approach- with whom and how we work, the programs and projects we offer, the creative topics we explore, the landscapes we traverse and the partnerships we foster.
Empathy and Imagination

As a feminist organisation, we position empathy as one of the most powerful forces for social change. Imagination allows us to offer a vision of what this change might be.


Taking risks – both physical and creative – in a safe and supportive space can expand an individual’s and a community’s belief in what is possible.


We strive to create inclusive projects so that those who face barriers – of gender, age, experience, access, cultural background, mental health, sexual identity – have the opportunity to participate in training, development and creative opportunities.

Excellence and Innovation

In our training programs, projects, productions and company operations, we strive for excellence in both what we provide and how we provide it. We are dedicated to finding new ways that are at once poetic and political, to tell stories, explore themes, raise issues, share knowledge and work together.

Herstory &


Women’s Circus is a not for profit feminist arts organisation based in the Drill Hall in West Footscray, offering a year round program of community, circus and performance training. Our programs celebrate the physical and imaginative potential of the human body and nurtures self-awareness and self-esteem.

Since 1991, Women’s Circus has made over 35 shows, performed to over 50,000 people, partnered on over 300 community projects, delivered 1000’s of circus workshops, employed 100’s of artists and trained 1000’s in circus and performance using our model of feminism and community cultural development practice. Women’s Circus is an influential feminist arts organisation and is considered a pioneer of social circus both nationally and internationally. We have made a significant contribution to the development of both the national and state circus sector and to the articulation of an Australian cultural identity.


Women’s Circus has received numerous awards throughout its history including:

2013 Arts Victoria ‘ Great Partnership’ Award for The Perfect Moment, Extended Schools Residency project

2010 Innovation Award, Melbourne Fringe Festival

2005 Melbourne Award for Community Development

2001 Green Room Award for Outstanding Contribution for Melbourne Fringe

2003 Most Innovative Theatre Work nomination in the Green Room Awards

Outstanding Fringe Production – Nominated five times by the Melbourne Fringe Festival

International Work

Women’s Circus has been involved with many international projects:

Learning the Ropes – a creative exchange with Circus Kathmandu, 2017-2018

Out of the Box – a tour of work and workshops throughout regional France, 2012

Toured to Beijing, China as part of the UN’s Conference on Women, 1995

Publications and Docos

Women’s Circus featured in several publications:

Leaping Off the Edge, Documentary films, Ronin Films, 2002

Women’s Circus: Leaping off the Edge, published by Spinifex,1997

Festivals & Conferences

Women’s Circus has featured in numerous festivals including Melbourne Fringe, Due West Arts, Midsumma, Moomba, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe.

Women’s Circus has spoken about our work at various forums, conferences and events such as Feminist Futures Conference, Reconnexion’s Annual National Anxiety and Depression Conference, Kensington Women’s Group International Women’s Day Celebration, Preventing Violence Against Women community conference, UNESCO conference, International Women’s Day.

Women’s Circus provide opportunities to develop self-confidence, skills and creativity in a safe and supportive environment using circus, training and performance