Live Stream Classes

Due to popular demand we’ve designed a range of live stream classes to keep you moving, conditioned and learning new circus skills all from the comfort of your own home!



Now you can get unlimited free access to all our live stream classes all the way through to the end of 2020. All you need to do is become a Women’s Circus Member!



Our priority right now is making sure people feel connected, creative and active as much as possible during this difficult time. 



To access this amazing suite of classes become a Women’s Circus Member today! Annual membership starts from as little as $25.



*Women’s Circus welcomes anyone to our membership who identifies as a woman, or identifies as trans or non-binary. 




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All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, trans and non binary people can access our training programs and membership free of charge. To discuss your enrolment please contact our Training Manager on


For full details about how our online classes work head to our Live Stream Classes F & Q’s section.



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Live Stream Classes F&Q’s

Why live stream and not in person? Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we are finding new ways to stay connected and keep training. We are putting as many of your favourite classes as we can online. We are still learning about this new way of training, so let us know how we are doing by shooting us a message! Women’s Circus has community connection at its core and we know many are missing ways to come together and play, online classes are the next best thing until we can come together again. We are looking forward to having you all back in our Drill Hall home training space as soon as possible.


Why live classes? Because they’re fun and interactive! It’s a chance to engage with the trainer, get feedback and also hang out with other awesome people (and even make new friends – who would have though while isolating!). Live stream classes are also a great way to commit to a weekly class to build skills and community.


Do I need to be a member for live stream classes? Yes. You will need to take out a membership to access these classes. Membership lasts for a year and you can view all of the benefits HERE. All online bookings for classes and membership must be purchased through Mindbody.


Are live stream classes only for people who identify as women, trans and non-binary? Yes. We believe it’s really important for individuals who identify as the above to have spaces to freely create, play and connect with like-minded people (just like if our regular training centre programs). We encourage you to find space within your home where you can have some time to focus on yourself. If you live with other people, let them know you need some space and time alone for the duration of the class. Be mindful that there are other people who will be participating in these live classes for which it is not just about fitness, but also much needed time to connect with the Women’s Circus community.


What online programs or applications do I need for live stream classes? We use Zoom for interactive live stream classes. The video link to your class will be emailed to you the day before the class. You may be prompted to download the Zoom application to your computer. You may be prompted to download the application, please do so.


What devices should I use? You can use a desktop/laptop computer, iPad, or smartphone. We recommend where possible using a computer as the screen will be bigger and easier for you to see your trainers instructions easier.


Do I need a camera and audio for live classes? If possible yes. This gives our trainer a chance to give you feedback and support you, and see your classmates. Most devices already have both built in. Another good reason to check before your live stream class begins! Participants can choose whether they want to turn on their video camera or not. You will be able to see all other participants who have chosen to turn on their camera, but you will only be able to hear the trainer. We encourage you to enrol with friends and set up separate video meetings (FB video chatting on your phone, for instance) during class time to interact with them during class.


When should I login for my live stream class? We recommend opening zoom and being ready to go about 5-10 minutes before the class starts to check that everything is working from your end. You will be placed in a ‘waiting room’ first and your trainer will add you while taking the class roster. Our trainers aim to start right on time. Please note: we do not have a lock out policy, but if you are running late or drop out it may not be possible for the trainer interrupt the class to let you in once it has begun.


How much space do I need? You will approximately the space to roll out a yoga mat and be able to lay down with your arms stretched above your head. You will also need enough space to stand with your arms stretched above your head and out to your sides.


Have feedback? Live streawm classes are a whole new world for us. If you have issues, questions or want to let us what you loved and want more of be in touch!