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Circus Solidarity Club

The Circus Solidarity Club is a group of passionate people who belong to a marginalised gender who each contribute an annual donation of $1000+. These funds support the vital work we do at Women’s Circus.

Women’s Circus seeks to secure a group of passionate women, trans and non-binary people to each contribute an annual donation of $1000 to form the Circus Solidarity Club.

These funds support Women’s Circus to provide low cost workshops, programs and subsidised spots to community groups and individuals who need it the most.

And just like a club, we’ll meet up a few times a year, make plans, think big and maybe even do a few handstands!

Check out this video and hear directly from women about how circus has changed their lives….

Three laughing women playing with hula hoops.

After three decades of delivering life changing circus programs, we know that circus has the power to transform

We believe all women, trans and non-binary people should have access to creative and physical circus opportunities regardless of their background or situation. 

Our Circus Solidarity Club, made up of like-minded generous women, trans and non-binary people, is key to the success and sustainability of our organisation and the growth of our incredible community. 

A smiling woman, wearing glasses.
“I love the great work being done by Women’s Circus with different community groups. The Circus Solidarity Club is a great, sustainable way for the organisation to raise funds and for individuals to be involved more closely than simply giving a donation.” 
– Sally Sharman, Founding Circus Solidarity Club member
Three people performing an acrobatic leg stand.

As well as connecting with other like-minded feminist circus enthusiasts, club members receive fabulous benefits including VIP tickets to shows, exclusive bi-annual luncheons and much more.

Become a Circus Solidarity Club member today and together we can support people facing barriers to begin a life-changing circus journey.

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