Covid-19: updates to programs

“In light of the developing Covid-19 situation we will close our training facility effective as of Tuesday 17th of March. While our Women’s Circus community is always our highest priority, we also acknowledge the role we play in helping support those most vulnerable in the broader community, and the importance of limiting the spread of coronavirus. We understand that only in working together and being community minded, caring and empathetic to those around us will we get through this unprecedented time.” – Meghan Bourke, General Manager.


As such Women’s Circus is doing the following, effective immediately:

  • All remaining Term 1 classes cancelled
  • All Autumn Holiday Programs cancelled
  • All Term 2 classes cancelled
  • All community programs and workshops postponed until further notice
  • All festival performances and workshops cancelled until further notice
  • Women’s Circus core staff continue to work remotely online and have moved all meetings to phone/video (for any questions, or enquiries email us on


If you’re looking to stay connected and playing we recommend checking out our Online Classes


As an arts organisation in an already precarious financial environment due to continual funding cuts across the arts sector, this is a nerve racking time. We would encourage those of you who can, help us stay afloat so we can keep delivering programs and services to women, trans and non-binary people, and marginalised communities, as well as support independent artists through employment and our artistic development programs.

You can support us in these very simple ways:

  • Make a tax deductible donation by heading HERE
  • If you’re enrolled in a Term One or Short Course class and can afford to, consider not requesting a credit and treat it as a donation
  • Grab a gift certificate for your friend, family, partner, chosen family for one of our classes when we reopen HERE


While we know this will be a really hard time for many financially, we know it’s part of a much bigger picture to support our dedicated health workers get through this time with as much support as possible and help ‘flatten the curve’ (check out this article form the Washington Post that helps explain why this is vital now). It’s not about knowing you’d be ok if you got it, it’s about supporting those more vulnerable amongst us and making sure they can access the support they need no matter their age, ability or income.

Finally, a reminder the best things you can do to help slow Covid-19 are:

  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue and dispose safely, or into your elbow
  • If you can, work from home
  • Maintain social distancing (at least 1.5m distance)
  • If you’re sick stay home and self isolate
  • Cancel or reschedule meetings or social events if you can (try to move it online or phone)
  • Stay up to date with Victorian Health updates, including hotlines, at risk groups, travel restrictions and more HERE

For now, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

From all of us at Women’s Circus, we send love and solidarity to all effected by these strange times. Take care of yourselves, and each other