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Handstands and Tumbling

Improveyoubody awareness, strength and coordination through a series of handstand and tumbling exercises. This class is recommended for building foundation skills that canalsoassist development in other circus disciplines such asacrobalanceand aerials. Handstands and Tumbling focuses on technique and efficient dynamic movement pathways. Our trainers will cater to your level of strength, fitness and prior experience. In class, work focuses on handstands, headstands, as well as dynamic tumbling moves such as rollsand cartwheels.

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Prerequisites: Atleast 1 term of any circus class.
Pathways: New Crew, Circus FUNdamentals, Circus Mixtape
Impact Level: Medium – High
Price: $225 Concession /$280 Full /$310 Solidarity

***Online registration for this class is only available for current members. To purchase a membership click on the links at the top of this page. ***

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