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Circus FUNdamentals

CircusFUNdamentalsis anallsortsclass that gives you a taste of everything!A great follow on from our 6-month New Crew program, this class is an opportunity to progress and refresh your skills in all our speciality areas includingacrobalance, aerials, juggling and manipulation, handstands, tumbling and ensemble performance.Great for developing strength and fitness in a fun environment. Memberswho are new to circus, orwho have taken a break from training, or who are interested in revisiting their full range of circus skills are encouraged to enrol.
Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Prerequisites: A previous circus class (New Crew) or similar physical experience is preferred but not essential
Pathways: New Crew
Impact Level: Low-MediumPrice: $225/$280/$310

***Online registration for this class is only available for current members. To purchase a membership click on the links at the top of this page. ***

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