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Whether you’re looking for something captivating, funny, engaging, dark, or magical (or all of the above!) Women’s Circus Performers and Rovers are a unique addition to your festival or event. 



From celebrating rainbow families to playing with social and gender stereotypes (and everything in between), our wonderful performers entertain in vibrant, hilarious and breathtaking ways.

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A Dixieland Band at Large! These band members are on a world tour and have arrived at your festival or event to add sparkle and fun. Somewhere along the way, their musical instruments have been held up, but consummate professionals, these tall musicians will not let lost instruments prevent them from playing – in one way or another!


Suitable for all-ages, The Red Coats are a fabulous comic addition to any festival or event



Celebrate the Rainbow Family! Chi Chi Ana Nina, an engaging story-teller, creates a warm and inviting environment for young audiences to experience stories that reflect diverse gender and family experiences. Chi Chi brings you three bed-time tales that are playful with lots of dancing!


Suitable for families, Queer Story Time for Kids is recommended for families with children from 4 – 10 years old. Duration: approximately 30 minutes.



Mesmerising, hypnotising and magnetic. The Amazing Anso’s contact juggling performance brings the “wow” factor to your festival or event. Roaming or static, with magic orbs, Anso performs a choreography of extraordinary tricks that are simply put, breathtaking.


Suitable for all ages, The Amazing Anso is a playful, beautiful and magical addition to your festival or event.

The Amazing Anso performing with contact juggling ball for a roving performance
Take a Seat acro performance



Who will win the seat? Watch as performers Em & Sim compete, becoming complicit in an exquisite physical “ballet”, unwittingly driving them together to create complex acrobatic balances on and around the seat. More than just a display of acrobatic skill, Take a Seat is a clever play on gender stereotypes.


Suitable for all ages. Take a Seat is a fun, trick-filled performance with a twist. Duration: 5 minutes.



Afternoon tea takes a dark turn. CAKE draws the audience into a peculiar world of two people and their ritual of afternoon tea. Provocative, absurd and very funny, CAKE is a short, visual theatre performance using contact juggling tricks rather than words to tell their story.


A deliciously dark treat – CAKE can reach a very broad audience.

Suitable for ages 15+. Duration: 7 minutes.

cake performance
Performer Emma J Hawkins



How do we measure up? Do the numbers add up and how do we measure up against each other? How many Facebook friends do you have? What are you worth? Watch as Emma – a circus artist and trained accountant combines tap dance, walking globe and theatrical performance to explore modern societies obsession with the formulas of our lives.


Suitable for a 15+ audience. Duration: 5 -15 minutes (depending on acts chosen)



Because story time shouldn’t be just for kids! Chi Chi Ana Nina wilds up your event with Queer Story Time. Drawing from her fabulous Italian heritage, Chi Chi, a Drag Queen, brings you three bed-time tales with a feminist twist. Your notion of the sleepy bed-time story will have a radical makeover.


Suitable for adults, Queer Story Time(18+) is an outlandish, comic addition to any queer festival or event. Duration: 30 – 35 minutes.


Your booking supports a more inclusive circus…

Did you know money from your booking directly supports women and marginalised communities to access our programs? This helps us to support and nurture future performers from a variety of backgrounds!

Having trouble accessing performances or rovers? If you are a community group or organisation that supports marginalised people and are having difficulty accessing our performances and rovers due to financial constraints please be in touch, we may be able to help!

For full information including terms & conditions, prices, hirer obligations and more download our ‘Roving & Performances Info Pack’.



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