Get in quick for New Women* second intake 2018


“Many of my friends moved through the New Women’s program. This year I finally decided to join to develop more of a sense of ‘living in my body’. Circus has given me a space to work on my own mental blocks. I stood up on a trapeze – I can do anything. Or, rather, I can TRY anything. And everyone can – all bodies can try, all bodies can learn how to move in ways that are interesting and, with guidance, in ways that are sustainable.”

– Grace, New Women* participant 2017. 


Ever thought about running away to the circus? Now is the time! 


New Women* is our flagship program offered since 1991! This fun-filled intro to circus runs in two-term blocks with intakes in terms 1 and 3.


Scholarships available: check to see if you qualify and apply!


Starts Thursday 19 July, 6:30 – 8:30




Not sure if this is for you? Sign up for the New Women* Test Drive. Sunday 1 July, 1-4pm. Bonus – no membership required! Your chance to try before you enrol.


*Women’s Circus welcomes anyone to our membership and training program who identifies as, or has lived as a woman, or identifies as non-binary.